4 Tips To Make You A Smartphone Gaming Pro

4 Tips To Make You A Smartphone Gaming Pro

The smartphone market is an ever evolving one, coming up with extreme phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold that is a folding phone, the LG Wing that is T shaped and the Asus Zenfone 6, which had a swivel camera. However, apart from the experimental phones, there are also gaming phones that are designed just for gaming. So that means that the market has recognised that mobile gaming is on the rise and is not just a niche segment. Therefore, here are some smartphone gaming tips that can help the user.

The DND Mode

Has it ever happened that you were almost about to win a game but lost because the game was interrupted by a call? This can be very annoying and can potentially even cost you your game. This is where the DND Mode comes in. Every phone has this setting, and it allows no messages and voice or video calls. DND mode also has a setting where only important messages and calls come through while the rest are blocked. To turn on the DND mode, pull down the quick access bar, tap on Do Not Disturb Icon. If the icon is not present in the quick access bar, turn it on manually in Settings.

Background App Usage

Smartphones nowadays can multitask with much ease as compared to smartphones from even 4 years ago. However multitasking during gaming is a very bad idea.

Background App

Games like Call of Duty Mobile, Playerunknown’s BattleGrounds, Fortnite, etc are heavy RAM consumers and therefore, multitasking while playing those games can make the game experience sluggish and not fun at all. If you have low RAM, it is advised to clear background apps that can slow down the phone’s performance. Even high end phones can stutter sometimes when running at maxed out settings. To clear the apps from RAM, simply open the multitasking window and hit clear apps, but it can vary from phone to phone and from model to model.

Customize Controls

Each gamer has their preferences. Some gamers prefer a well organised layout of buttons, and some gamers prefer a randomly assorted and yet easily accessible control panel. So a single uniform set of controls can be detrimental to the performance of the gamer. Popular games like Call of Duty Mobile, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Asphalt 9, etc have customisable controls. The controls can be adjusted by using the in-game settings menu. You can even tweak the camera angles, sensitivity, audio and other levels.

Game Controller

There are devices that can be used as controllers for mobile phones. The main advantage of these is that game controllers have physical buttons that can be mapped to perform a specific task in a specific game.

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